What are your rental requirements?

Our rental requirements are fairly flexible. We look at .each applicant individual to try and ensure a good experience for both the resident and us.

However there are a few hard rules that we do have. The following list are items that will prevent us from leasing to you. So if you have any of these, don’t even bother filling out an application – without a real good explanation and proof that what you are say is true.

Items that disqualify:
You have a utility company collection. This means if one of the following has a collection against you, don’t bother. Gas or Electric company, Cable, phone, cell phone provider. If you don’t pay the essentials you will not pay your rent.
Your have had to have a WRIT issued during an eviction. Whether or not the deputy actually had to set you our or not, the fact that you forced another landlord to get a WRIT means you are a problem resident.

What do you charge for a security deposit?

This will depend on the property. We normally charge the state allowed maximum of 1 1/2 months rent. However, there are times when we will charge less, but we always charge at least one months rent

How do we view resident?

We try to treat everyone how we would expect to be treated – like an adult. We expect our resident’s to take care of a property as if it were theirs, because for the term of the lease IT IS.
We expect the resident to handle small issues and to take care of everything just as they would if they owned it. If you are leasing a home, you should expect to take care of the yard. This means mowing, raking, trimming and snow removal (if applies). Changing furnace filters, water filters or anything else that needs to be maintained because of your use.

How do we handle service animals?

We follow all Federal and Local laws regarding service animals. However, we hope that people with service animals will apply a little common sense when looking for a property.

For instance, if you have a large animal as a service animal. A studio or small one bedroom apartment is not really a good fit for you. It is not fair to the animal and is not fair to us. As it generally ends up with excessive damages to the property. Which then leads to an eviction and a collection for damages. So make sure you are looking at properties that fit your and the animals needs.

What we will need from you.
– All the veterinarian information on the animal showing that they are current on all vaccinations and licenses.
– Proof that the animal has been prescribed by an actual doctor, not by an “internet doctor”.
– You will be expected to keep the yard clean. If we find the yard is not being kept clean, we will clean it to our standards and there will be a $50 (fifty dollar) charge each time we perform a clean up. This could be daily or weekly. So if you can’t do it, hire someone to do it.